Stormwater-savvy urban park turns permeable paving into a beautiful design

Categories: Building Methods

The paved spaces made of concrete pavement are also placed on the stands to make the route easier and, especially, the connection with the new entrances considered. The paved stands are defined by means of naturality-artificiality relationships, beginning with the hard concrete pavement —the most urban condition—, to the grass areas —the most natural condition—, going through mixed intermediate situations solved by means of ecological paving stones.

Activities such as going for a walk, sitting to gaze at the views, lying in the sun or taking a nap, taking the dog for a walk, meeting friends, going on an urban picnic looking at the sea, reading a book in the heat of the winter sun or watching an urban event with the Bay as background for the ludic platform, are all part of the multiple possibilities offered by this new urban space.


The project intends to generate an urban space which can be crossed on foot and strolled around, offering four fundamental actions on the borders of the project:

1. A new staircase located on Reina Victoria Avenue —on the corner which comes into contact with the dividing wall of the pre-existing edification —which connects the different levels of performance in a fast and direct way..

2. Multiple accesses from Union Street to the different platforms, by means of slight ramps which geometrically settle/solve the joining of the stands with the steep sloped street mentioned above.

3. The configuration of a main access to the project from its lowest level, treating it as the beginning of the route accessible through the square and as a connection with city in the lower part of the project.

4. A new layout of the southern staircase in the lower part of the action to generate better access and connection with the bay, promoting the relationship with it.

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