Water And Stone - And 1500 Years Of Longevity - What Is It That Captivates Us So?

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(19 Images and 2 videos) I saw this picturesque pool in front of this house, and I began to wonder if the house wasn't under-built.  What I mean is that I began to think of how long the pool would last as compared to how long the home would last.  And if this type of stick built house were built and re-built, how much time and labor would be consumed by those builds.  How many hands would haul in and tear down, yet the pond remained.  Somehow our egyptian and roman ancestors got this principle that to build with stone brings longevity.  Even if it costs twice as much money / labor to build it, does the lifespan on the structure not justify the cost?  Even more, if it lasts for 1000 years, what then?  The cost and effort becomes more than justified.  But making something last for 1000 years has always been difficult throughout the scope of history, because one country takes the land of another, and wars destroy and lay waste to what once was.  

I then wandered into this photo below on Reddit of a young man jumping into a 1500 year old bathing pool in Sri Lanka, part of a ruined fortress a king built on top of an enormous rock around 480 AD (Sigiriya rock).  Because of antiquity, the place lay a relic, a ruin to be preserved instead of to be re-built upon by the next generation.  We have been amazed at the stone workings of history because maybe we don't yet really understand the ways in which such luxuries were created.  Maybe they were carved by slaves.  Maybe they had wise methods we haven't yet discovered.  Either way, they felt it was worth it to build with stone.  So if you consider that a modern swimming pool starts to decay and crack at about 30 years old, this pool has survived about 45 times longer than a modern pool.  Did it cost 45 times what a modern pool costs to build?  That is a question to consider.... as is the relevance.  

Sarara Camp in Namunyak, Kenya has the only infinity pool in the world set up for elephant watching. The pool at this luxury camp has been carved out of natural rock outcrops and looks out over the reserve and mountain ranges. The pool is perched above a water hole favored by nearby animals, including deer, warthog and herds of elephants. Sarara has 6 luxury tents built from local materials. It offers an intimate safari experience to guests with trips to nearby attractions plus over half the profits are channeled back into the local community.  It is interesting to note that something so beautiful and so natural is considered a thing of luxury.  

 Sometimes nature does its own thing, which we have but to discover.  Location:  China

More natural stone beauty by the waters of Thailand

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