Off Grid Cabin: Insulation and Water Setup: Good To Go

Categories: Building Methods

Enjoyed the fall like weather this past weekend at the cabin. A couple months ago, between the floor joist I used a product called Touch 'N Seal expandable foam. I was impressed in how the foam stuck, expanded, and feeling in-between all the cracks. I'm currently in the process of underpinning the cabin with 1/2 plywood. The plan is to construct cinderblock chimney and rock veneer both.


Was a busy weekend hooking up 2 propane tanks/lines to the cook stove and Ecccotemp water heater. The Flojet 2.9 GMP 12V water pump that is powered by solar to provide water to the shower, bathroom, and kitchen faucets. 


Note Eccotemp l5 is not required for indoor use; emit carbon monoxide. I'm going check the levels before adding a wall vent to the unit (automatic ignition, no wasted gas on pilot lights). 


So far, I'm really impressed with the strong water pressure and quick hot water. Will do system layout plan - overview video next week. A great friend/mentor from Alaska with years of off grid living help to make this possible.


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