Grass Covered Stone Hunting Lodge Rises From The Terrain In This Efficient And Awesome Design

Categories: Building Methods

Basarch’s private hunting lodge is located on a game preserve near Lednice in the south of the Czech Republic. One side of the linear home is bermed to protect it from the sound of a nearby highway. A green roof grows up and over the home to further encase it and protect it while also providing increased insulation. The berming and green roof effectively replace the green space that was removed to build the house, providing rainwater infiltration and natural habitat.

The one exposed site is built with gabion baskets filled with stone and floor-to-ceiling glass walls. This exterior makes the lodge appear as a large stone covered with grass in a meadow, and the stone provides lots of thermal mass to help regulate the interior climate. 

The porch features a large storage space for split wood, which is used to heat the home via the stove inside. A large skylight in the green roof fills the interior with daylight. 

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