DIY Chimenea Out Of Ferro Cement

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Our garden is the perfect BBQ spot, and when the sun goes down behind our house at 5 o'clock it get's cold straight away thanks to the always prevailing winds here.

I wanted to have a fireplace in the garden that would allow our guests to stay comfortable, so I made a Chimenea, the Mexican wood burner, not from clay or adobe but from concrete!









I would buy a proper one but they are not available cheaply here and besides, where is the fun in that?

Large amounts of clay were not easy to find cheaply and while searching the web I read about ferrocement: plastering ordinary Portland cement on a mesh of chicken wire. With this interesting technique one can create all kinds of forms that are very strong, cheap to make and relative to its size reasonably light. Because is is very labour intensive it is not widely used but during both world wars the shortage of steel they constructed ship's hulls out of the stuff, the largest being the SS Selma that weight 7500 tons. (!)

This inspired me to try create my own chimenea from chicken wire and cement.

Here is how in 14 steps: Instructables



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