Eco-Construction: From Beginning to End

Categories: Building Methods

Clay is molded and forms the vase, and it's emptiness is what makes it useful. Windows and doors are open in a home an that is the emptiness that makes it useful.

In this world were we are all accomplices in the creation of the essentials and the simplicity of things, the modern system that is trying to control this world has made our standard of living a bit confusing. It has managed to change the reality in a way that all the actors in this social interactions become the participants in this problem. Now days we don't interact with the world, reality is ignored and replaced by a made up story that we end up believing and adopting as our own feeling empty.

Tia Goya's house is more than a house, it is trying to show the value of the architectural object beyond its function with the user, it binds and invites the neighbors to participate, so they learn the construction method as a real solution the the housing problem in Mexico, providing a better quality of life.

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