They Began In The Desert And Picked A Location For The Project. Some Hard Work Always Leads To A Reward...

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Sasha Rabin builds using multiple techniques for this group of enthusiasts, teaching them to use Earth Tubes, Straw Bales, and Cob in one structure!  She is a teacher of permaculture, earthen ovens, and all things sustainable.  She has been working very hard in California to make this world a better place.  Below, you can follow through one of our earlier posts about one of her workshops, as I am one of her fans, and love the way she builds small structures as a part of terrific workshops.

 Today I'm passing along some info that can help her secure a grant.  It will be awarded to the one with the most votes.  How great is that we get to make a difference for someone promoting sustainable living, permaculture and earth building, and it doesn't cost us one cent!  All you have to do is vote.  Thanks guys and gals!  Here's a word from Sasha:  

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