Earthship In Serbia! Oh What Good Things We Can Learn To Do By Watching Others Around The World!

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Following the amazing wave of connectivity that the internet has provided, and the social networking of first AOL, then more recently Myspace, and now Facebook that has connected friends with friends around the world, people are learning how to do things right the first time in a way that produces low energy consumptive homes using earthen construction and recycled goods.  A small village called Brusnica is the home of the first Earthship styled house in Serbia. The owners of this house are two artists, Bojan Jovanovic and Smilja Ignjatovic. A significant part of their art work is based on reused and recycled material. From the time when they discovered Earthship construction methods, there was no doubt about how their future home would be built!


They purchased the plot in 2011 and started to collect discarded materials, tires, glass bottles, doors, windows… etc.  Building of the house started on the next year and they hope to be completely finished in autumn this year, when they will start to live there.  For construction they used 300 car tires which they got for free, glass bottles, aluminum cans, earth plaster, straw, wood, concrete and reused blocks. Tire wall is 25 meters long, and it took a month to build and a lot of physical work and strong hands.


Pounding tires is no easy task.  Try one one day... even if just for fun!  ;)  The neat thing about tires is that most service shops pay to have them recycled $2 or $3 per tire.  So when you pick them up for free, they are excited to save money and the time to take them to the recycle plant.  




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