Some bags and some soil and a little bit of time, and you too could build one of these

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Why would you build with earth bags?  Well for one, they're rather heavy.  They use sand bags to stop a flood, so they have tremendous stopping power, and will sustain tremendous winds as decent protection.  The insulation factor is also amazing, almost as if you were under ground, so very little heat or cooling is required when they are kept closed.  It's easy to come by building supplies.  The bags are cheap, and the dirt... well... you know where to find it I'm sure.  So with some hard work and little expense, you can build a great little place! This is one of my favorite time lapse videos, and they did a great job on this one from start to finish in Alaska.  They didn't really get to finish it out as of this video, but as you will see, they were running into winter, and just needed to "Get Er Done!"   Now watch this:  





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