Concrete Building Systems

Categories: Building Methods

Concrete Building System (CBS) is an obvious somewhat ingenius two sided concrete shell. High strength precast concrete "tiles" slide together with spline guidance. Tenacious embedded expanded steels are simply welded together to join wall faces. Tiles are 1,2, and 3 feet long. Steels are always 6 inches from the ends, and 12" on center. A grid of 12" horizontal spacing and 16" vertical spancing is maintained throughout. Partitioning of the wall cavity is simple and straight forward.

An amazingly minimal amount of concrete is used by blocking out sections on the back side to decrease the concrete thickness by 40%. Full depth 2" deep vertical ribs encase the expanded steel, which is a perfect embedment device for concrete. A large effective surface area combines with thin very strong yet ductile strands.

The wall interior accepts any bulk fill for unlimited applications.

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