What 36 People Decided To Do With Shipping Containers...

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A Shipping Container costs about $2000-$4500 depending upon how far you live from a sea port.  The closer, the cheaper you can find them for.  Containers that are no longer suitable for overseas transport might be slightly less expensive, yet prove terrific for some of the following projects.  Note that these finished projects look great when they are done, but there is a transformation process to go through.  Either be highly skilled with a welder and ready with a crane, or have both skilled services close at hand to make it happen.  Containers are very heavy, considering a 40 footer weighs about 8500 pounds.  I was considering using one for storage, then moving it when we move.  Problem is, a full container may weight ove 60,000 pounds, and it requres quite a crane to lift a full one, so don't forget to plan for that.




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