Be The Mayor! - 10 Towns for Sale If You Want To Do Things Your Own Way

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If there were a town for sale, and the price were right, would you take it?  There is always much to consider. Much as 40 years ago when all the interstates were going through, towns were bypassed, some didn't get offramps, and they died out as people moved close to better access.  

As towns die, so do their functionality and budgets. Police departments are defunded, old laws go unchanged, and eventually, as in some of the places you are about to see, they become a ghost town in time.  I heard a story recently about the last two men in a town to remain.  They took turns being mayor year after year.  

PSet-Grove.jpgLiving with fewer people makes laws less necessary.  As towns grow, there are more people, therefore, more chance of conflict.  In the United States, that's why the laws vary from town to town.  Each town makes their own laws.  

In the same way that moving highways killed towns, today most of us rely on connectivity to the internet.  Since sattelite and dsl internet have been slow in catching up with cable (now running commonly in the 150mb/second download speeds), people can be turned off from a purchase with slow or poor internet availability.  If it takes too long for a region to get high speed internet, towns with faster tech gain a far better income from the global marketplace, and thus are better off.  Towns without great internet could be at risk of "ghosting" in the future if they are not brought up to speed.  Since the internet is the wave of the present, I don't expect that to be a problem for long.  But this could mean that some of these zones are undervalued at present.  

If you could afford it, and if you like doing things yourself, and you enjoy the freedoms that come with being a land owner, and even more freedoms that come from being under your town's jurisdiction instead of falling under the local county jurisdiction, you might like the idea of owning a town!  Since there are so many of them out there, it might just be easier to buy or work with an existing one (if you can find like minded individuals) than to incorporate a new one!

Here are 10 such examples of towns recently for sale and their stories:


1.  The Grove, Texas

Founded in 1859, The Grove was a farming community until it became a ghost town after a highway was re-routed away from it in the 1930s because some residents wanted less traffic. An antique collector, Moody Anderson, bought the old buildings in 1972 and opened the Country Life Museum there. Anderson attracted tourists but failed to attract eBay bidders in 2008. Instead, he held a sale through the Burley Auction Group and a woman from San Jose, Calif., whose grandfather formerly owned the town's general store, bought it for $200,000, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

622x350 (1).jpg

The museum above, Anderson with his town below


The old west town has been offered as a great old west filming location








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