40 Acre Off-Gridders Dream In The Great Northwest

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Windy City Quilting - That is the name of Linda's Quilting business.  She lives off grid in a part of the world where she recently had a sunrise purging ordeal, trying to make space on her computer after all the thousands and thousands.... and thousands  of beautiful sunrises she photographed to share with friends and family.  People often wonder what you do for a living when you live off grid.  For many, just like people who live anywhere else, you can specialize in something unique, a trade.... for some it may be something they love.  For Linda that trade, that love is quilting.  A mount Adams sunset! ... and beyond to the right is Rainier:

You've heard it said that for everything there is a season and a time.  Linda is up in years now, and the chores and maintaining the systems often becomes more than she wants deal with alone.  So with a little help from her children, she carries on the tasks required.  

There are 40 acres of beautiful land, 5 of which are fenced.  

There are ample solar panels and two wind turbines to generate energy for your needs. 

What looks like a fire ring in the middle is where 500 gallons of underground water storage is located, and the above ground tank to the right is for fire or emergency backup water supply.  Sunset with Mount Hood:


Linda has gone up in the air as to whether to sell the property several times.  Her children are coaxing her to keep it in the family, but if this is right up your alley, feel free to message Offgridjourney@gmail.com and she might entertain serious offers from someone who knows how to maintain the systems, and keep her dream place flourishing!

Inclusions: 40 acres, Home, Garage, Power system, Water system, Shipping Container, and even the egg-laying chickens if you want them

If this suits you, shoot an email over to offgridjourney@gmail.com and put Lyle Washington in the subject.  Be sure and put a phone contact number, and Linda will reach out to talk about the place with you

Wind power is a right choice for the location, as others have also discovered the source of power nearby.  

There is a spacious garage with a concrete floor and a wood stove for heat.  A shipping container is on the property to meet additional storage needs. 

The home is as cozy and beautiful as any grid-tied-home you would expect to see.  

The pellet stove takes care of all the heat required by the home:

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