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Located off the coast of Portsmouth, drop anchor in the Solent and experience our genuinely unique venues. Each of our three forts offers a distinct experience, so for the ultimate hotel stay, an unusual exclusive use venue for weddings and events, or a historical tour, set sail for Solent Forts.

In one of the most ambitious hotel projects we’ve encountered years, the folks at AmaZing Venues have converted an old sea fort into a new luxury resort for guests to enjoy.

No Man’s Land is an old 19th century sea fort built between 1867 and 1880. It’s located roughly two hours from London, and now guests can travel via boat or helicopter to spend the night in the newly renovated space.

The hotel features 23 rooms, with the ability to accommodate up to 44 people per night. The hotel is essentially a private island and offers up everything from mini golf and laser tag to hot tubs and spas, and of course that 360-degree view of the water. Plan on spending anywhere from $672 to $1,000 per night.

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