Historic 1928 Cozy Mountain Cabin Restored

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I grew up in the San Bernardino mountains of southern California.  When a friend posted this old cabin restored on facebook, the memories of mountain life came flooding back...   The wildlife was always awesome.  We saw deer, coyotes, bear, grey squirrels, foxes, bobcats, blue jays, flocks of quail running about the woods, among others.  The dry pine needle strewn forest floor and trails through the woods we had made gives a bit of a picture of what it was like.  The views over Rim Of The World Drive are superb and second to none with a view over 100 miles.  You can see the L.A. basin smog level from above.  We Snowboarded through the winters at Snow Valley Ski Resort, or the occasional trip to Big Bear at Snow Summit.  Lake Arrowhead was always pristinely beautiful. 

1928-2014 A Transformation.png


But this, a cute little cabin from 1928 is all it took to spark those memories up again.  Makes me want to go rent and stay there.  I'll put a link to their rental at the bottom in case someone wants to go stay there.  The family rents it out now as a vacation rental.  Here is their story:

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