The Best 15 Patchwork Backsplashes You Have Ever Seen

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Patchwork tiles are taking the home decor world by storm, and backsplash is the first place people think of when remodeling, where to use patterned tiles to add character to a kitchen. We've picked the top 15 backsplash designs available on the market today. Amazingly, some of these mix and match patterns are already quite famous in Europe but in the US no one knows about them. There are some beautiful, fun patchwork tiles out there for every taste and style, from modern to retro, from bright to monochrome, from Moroccan to country and everything in between, and we wanted to bring them to your attention. Read on for ideas and sources.

Cool, colorful and modern patchwork tiles by Purpura are wanted everywhere. Here's a
kitchen backsplash made of handmade cement tile. Check out their many patterns

Another Purpura installation for a kitchen backsplash, with a lighter tone patchwork. Notice how on both images a few black patterns included to match countertop and appliances. A very modern look which is extremely popular in Poland now where Purpura is located.

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