10 Home Décor Trends Coming To Your Homes in 2016

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Home décor trends are always evolving. And it is imperative to keep up with these latest trends to help in the process of remodeling the home. With that objective in mind, we put forward a list of 10 upcoming trends of home décor of 2016.
To give you the gist, the year 2016 is all about simplicity and serenity. The trends represent our need of calming down and cleansing the inner spirits. Take a look at what the home décor industry is buzzing about in the year 2016.

#1 Stainless steel appliances
Stainless steel appliances are making a huge buzz in 2016, especially the black stainless steel. In one of the polls, nearly two-thirds said that they considered the dark alternative to glittery silver metal.

#2 Deeper kitchen drawers
Ease of storage is the top most priority during remodeling of a kitchen. Apparently, lower kitchen cabinets are being replaced with deep drawers as they have classy appearance, excellent functionality, and are less expensive. Dividers in drawers assist in organizing all sizes and shapes of dishes, pans and utensils.

#3 Dining rooms
Formal dining rooms are gaining massive popularity in the homes of 2016. It seems everyone is willing to turn the story of their dining rooms. Homeowners prefer having a well designed and formally designated space for dining.

#4 Workhorse islands
Workhorse islands play a pivotal role in sufficing infinite uses, from eating and drinking to studying and working. Some of these islands also offer extra storage underneath, allowing excellent storage options. Homeowners consider workhorse island as one of the most important features in a kitchen. Clearly, these islands are becoming the centre of attention in modern kitchens.

#5 No digital distraction
While homeowners spend so much time in front of computer screens, it seems they are now looking for a respite from technology. Therefore, living rooms are seeing a complete makeover in the year 2016 which is free from digital distractions. A living room is now designed in a way where it is easy to read a book, have conversations with friends and family or it’s easy to just sit quietly, away from digital technology.

#6 A makeover in bathroom
Bathtubs are out and they are no longer seen as a cool thing in the bathroom. The point is, most people don’t really use the bathtub regularly, and, therefore, don’t see the need of installing a bathtub. Furthermore, bathrooms now look more like living spaces with graphic wallpaper and ornate chandeliers creating a contemporary look.

#7 Sustainable home décor ideas
People are caring a lot about the environment and climate change, and their care is vividly seen in their homes. All the accessories and artwork used in the homes are now focusing on sustainability. Although there is no one style of sustainable decorating, the idea is to create a sustainable look that suits the taste of homeowners in a way that ensures a lighter footprint on the planet.
Homeowners are now choosing furniture that is produced in a sustainable way, or from recycled materials. The trend is now about choosing products/artefacts that employ minimal resources and can be reused to create less waste.

#8 Going green
In the year 2016, nature is coming in the homes. If you don’t already have a frontyard or backyard with an access to green area in its natural habitat, then bring nature to you. Humans long for a deeper connection with nature, and home décor trends of the year 2016 clearly reflect this need of human beings.
Portable gardens grow in the kitchen is an upcoming trend in the kitchen space this year.

#9 Cool roofings
Another interesting home décor trend of 2016 is cool roofings. As more and more number of homeowners are recognizing the impacts of cool roofings make on homes, cool roofings are becoming the most preferred choice for roofs. Cool roofing is an attracting roofing option designed to cool the temperatures on the inside of the home especially in summer months.
The best examples of cool roofings are using light colours such as white and blue along with employing reflective roof coatings such as acrylic and silicone. Re-roofing a house is a big decision and the trend has changed a lot in the last few years.

#10 Toilets too are changing
Gone are the times when toilets were just meant to be a space for doing your job. Today, these same toilets are becoming smarter, offering an automatic opening and closing of the heated seat, in addition to automated flush once you leave the seat and temperature adjustable drying.
With such amazing home décor trends of 2016, one can’t help but get impulsive in starting to remodel their homes. So, how will your home look, in 2016?

Author Bio: Hi, I am Lindsey Hill a blogger and a roofing expert. My profession makes me explore the advanced techniques and styles of commercial and residential roofing.

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