Off Grid Costa Rican Eco Dream-Home And Farm By The Beach Has It's Advantages

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Nowadays, the number of people seeking a sustainable lifestyle is growing daily. The sustainable lifestyle they seek often involves cutting the cord between themselves and the centralized utility system – a practice commonly known as ‘off-the-grid’ living.


This place is 100% solar powered

Back in the day, defining “off the grid” living was easy, simply because there was no grid to live off. It was just called “living”. Today the lines have become blurred. The term ‘off-grid’ refers to a home which could survive independently even if civilization collapsed around it. In practical terms; a home that is able to operate entirely independently of all traditional public utility services by using technologies and systems that produce everything it’s inhabitants need. 


In addition to an environmentally responsible lifestyle, zero energy expenditure and simply being ahead of the times, the benefits of off grid living are as varied as they are extensive. A ten minute drive from Playa Guiones (beach), in the foothills of Guanacaste one man has been feeling these benefits for a some time now. 


The owner of this fully self sufficient farm decided a few years ago that the time to put his dream of independent living into action was nigh. What he created serves as a blueprint for anyone seeking to adopt such a lifestyle. Furthermore, with the news that this farm is now on the market, the opportunity to buy into such a lifestyle without the years of labor that goes into creating it now exists.


At this point you may be having thoughts of primitive yokels returning to a rustic cabin after a day spent wallowing in farm animal dung – you’d be wrong, and after viewing the place from the vantage of the infinity pool prepare to have any preconceptions blown away. After purchasing the 53000 square meters of raw land in 2011 the current owner has lovingly created an environment which, in addition to being the ultimate off grid compound, could serve as anything from an


organic food retreat center to a sustainable eco-tourism resort. Located only a 10 minute drive from the Pacific Ocean, this farm grows everything you could possibly wish for. Amongst an exhaustive list of many other foods it provides yucca, kale, tomatoes, peppers, shard, orange, limes, mango, pineapples and coconuts, all of which is tended by water from the private well dug deep underground. Solar heaters provide hot water, and an array of solar panels deliver more

IMG_6465-2 Pacific Ocean and Garza Beach in the background

than enough power to keep the 2 level modern main house, modern cabins, appliances and irrigation systems ticking overtime. The livestock inventory currently includes cows, pigs, sheep and chickens. The animals are fed a mixture of organic feed, and food scraps from the farm. Fruits and vegetables are fertilized by the animals to ensure the freshest, most natural tasting produce.

The eco-farm is located in the Guanacaste hills near to the village of Delicias. Despite being encircled by jungle it is only a 3 kilometer drive South East from the stunning sands of “Playa Garza”.


The modern house is fully self sufficient 


And it's all for sale.  The owners are moving their lives to a different location.  Link at end of second page...

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