Six Life Changing Herbs That We Are Not Using Enough Of

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For some of us in the pursuit of a better life have come to the realization that the natural properties of herbs are a source of great nutrition, vitamins, minerals and other components thus improving that coveted health.

For many home gardeners, growing herbs is a matter of adding flavor to omelets or give homemade spaghetti sauce a little more bang for the buck. However, the health aspects of many herbs present a compelling argument for growing herbs for health.

These herbs take no more work than your average herb garden and you will be feeling the healthy effects within no time. Take a look at six of the most beneficial herbs that few people use.

Summer Savory

This herb has a bit of a peppery bite to it making it the perfect seasoning for your beans and peas. Summer savory is wonderful for individuals with digestive disorders. In particular summer savory can be used as a tea to calm individuals suffering from diarrhea. Plant some of this today and next time you may not have to grab the pink bottle in the medicine chest.


If you live in the Florida area you may actually have an issue with this herb already as it is known as an invasive weed in that area.

However, this relative to cilantro is perfect for homemade salsas and chutney.

Culantro can be classified as one of those miracle herbs. It has the ability to calm upset stomachs and work wonders on flu symptoms.

In addition, Culantro is known for it abilities to lower blood sugar levels and blood pressure.


This herb is known for producing gorgeous flowers, but it is not used enough to appreciate the flavor that is similar to that of a cucumber. Borage is best used in salads and soups for a fresh and vibrant flavor.

Also known as the starflower contains high amounts of omega 6 fatty acids which are known to promote healthy joints and skin as well as a boost to the immune system. Borage can also be used as a diuretic to help remove unwanted water and toxins from the body.


This was an herb that was once very popular and for one reason or another fell out of popularity. It is a shame because Lovage has such a wonderful flavor, a cross between celery and parsley. Lovage is the perfect herb to bring new life to potatoes, eggs, soups, and salads.

Lovage has many uses outside of the kitchen including the treatment of colic in young children. Also can be used for abdominal issues such as reducing excessive gas and flatulence. Lovage has also been used for the treatment of migraine headaches and sore throats.


With perhaps one of the oddest names on this list, it also has one of the most peculiar tastes. It can almost be described as eating a green apple or kiwi. Sorrel can be used in salads, sauces, and soups.

Sorrel is an herb once you see the potential benefits from adding it to your diet you will be wondering why you haven’t already done it. Sorrel is rich in vitamin A and C, helping to prevent eye problems and heart disease respectively. A good provider of folate which has been shown to prevent cancer. In fact, one 1/2 cup serving of Sorrel provides the body with 102 micrograms of folate which is 26 percent of the recommended serving.


The final rare herb on our list looks very similar to the ordinary parsley plant but has a slightly more anise flavor to it. Chervil can be used similarly as parsley is as a last minute additive. It is wonderful sprinkled over soups, salads, and pasta.

Chervil has been known to improve digestion, circulation
, and vision. Chervil can be used as a tea to simply wake the body up from a lethargic state. Consider this a natural energy drink that will make you feel incredible.

These six herbs have all but vanished from our herb window gardens and store spice and herb rack. While these are all delicious herbs to add zest and flavor to meals, they are so much more. These simple herbs have the ability to prevent cancer, heart disease, and vision loss. While these seeds may not be available from your local retailer they are online and would make excellent additions to any home garden. Try them out and see how different they make your meals taste and how they make you feel. 

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