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According to Ayurveda,every illness is originated due to an imbalance in one of the main elements; the mind, body, and spirit.  What was once grandma's remedies, or remedies passed on by generations, are now the main source of "natural medicine".

These tendencies are more an more by people that are trying to live closer to nature. They turn to plants to utilize the benefits of plants in micro dosages.

"Yuyito" is the way these remedies are called. "Yuyitos" are the old wives tales remedies used to cure ailments. Medicinal plant extracts in micro dosages, are more an more sought after by people connected to the earth.

This is the case of Jorgelina Sánchez and Juan Platas, whom for a few years now have been learning and sharing this plant wisdom.

Both follow Ayurvedic Principles, a Hindu medicine dated more than 2000 years, considered more ancient than Chinese medicine.

Juan lives in Unquillo, Córdoba, and he travels often to Salta, all in Spain.

In Córdoba, Juan started learning and studying these principles over 20 years ago when he was attending the university. Between books and plants he started making micro-dosages.

Micro-dosage refers to the treatment of an ailment using very small doses of medicinal plants. You extract a tincture that preserves the beneficial properties of each plant. This tincture gets reduced in small bottles and is taken via drops.

In Salta, Jorgelina's house is riddled with green plants everywhere, all kinds of  herbs collected through out their travels.

"This has been a word of mouth, we don't advertise, we just give Workshops. They call us from the entire country and we send them the tinctures.  These people are tired of taking traditional medications, they have side effects, can't sleep. So they take passion fruit, lavender and ashwagandha tinctures."

"Our medication is just two drops on the tongue a day which enter the blood stream right away"

Here are some Benefits:

Thyme: antibiotic good for sinuses, infections, candida, etc

Echinacea: Good for changing of the seasons, supports the immune system, great antibacterial

Dandelion: Liver's best friend, detoxes the blood

Ginger: Helps with digestive problems, dizziness, cough, colds and as an anti-inflammatory

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