Medical Hackers Design $30 DIY Epipen To Protest Corporate Greed And Save Lives (Video)

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Hacktivists associated with Four Thieves Vinegar have shared plans for an affordable DIY version of the life-saving injector. 

Ever since Mylan purchased the rights to the Epipen and jacked up the price by 400%, many alternatives have been presented to the public – not all safe, but most more affordable.


For example, Mark Baum, CEO of Imprimis Pharmaceuticals, recently revealed his plans for an alternative that costs less than $100. And while this is noble, there may be an even better option – one that anyone could assemble themselves.

Click Here to Download the EpiPencilPlans

Minds relays that the medical hacking collective Four Thieves Vinegar has established a DIY version of the life-saving injector and it costs a mere $30. Disgusted by corporate greed, they’ve openly shared their plans for their version, called the Epipencil.

Like an Epipen, the Epipencil delivers epinephrine via spring pen injection to someone suffering from anaphylactic shock. All the parts can be obtained over the counter, though one will need a prescription for the epinephrine.

Considering an Epipen is usually the last line of defense for someone who is suffering from a life-threatening allergic reaction, affordable options should be available to the public. Fortunately, one is. Below, activist MichaelLaufer teaches how to assemble thehacktivists’ $30 version.

The ultimate aim of Four Thieves Vinegar is to make medicine free for everyone. Easy-to-access, affordable healthcare is a noble goal, which is why we ask for you to share this article and raise awareness about corporate greed.

via TrueActivist and FourThievesVinegar


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