Giant Hogweed: If You Encounter This Plant, Whatever You, Do Not Touch It!

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What to do if you come into contact with giant hogweed.

Symptoms of coming into contact with giant hogweed include painful blisters forming within 48 hours, scars and blindness.

If you suspect you have come into contact with the plant, wash the area with soap and cold water immediately. Keep the area away from sunlight for 48 hours and get to a physician if possible; topical steroids, if applied early enough, can reduce the severity of the reaction.

Here is a video with a girl who came into contact with giant hogweed:

How to report giant hogweed.

If you come across a plant that looks like giant hogweed, please report it to the EPA hotline at 1-800-424-8802. DO NOT attempt to remove the plant yourself.

You can also see this list for state-specific hotlines.

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