How To Plan A Daily Routine For Fresh And Healthy Day

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Whether we accept it or not, we are all creatures of habits. Good or bad, they make us or break us. But, when we actively and consciously decide to build a daily routine, it instills plenty of good habits by providing us the opportunity to do the things that make us happy. On the other hand, it provides a sense of structure and familiarity to organize everyday life in a healthy way. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to bring about a radical change in all aspects of life. If you've not been following a daily routine and don't know where to begin, take a cue from the tips given below.

1. Track your activities
The first step towards building a perfect daily routine is to take a look at your existing one. Just try a little harder in case you think you don't have one. The truth is, consciously or unconsciously, we all follow a routine. In order to find it, track down all your activities for a whole week and that's how you'll begin to see a pattern. Though this process may get a lot complicated and at times pointless since there'll be so much to track. You can either go old school with a pen and paper or utilize your smartphone to its best capabilities.

Download an easy to use app, aTime Logger 2 for instance, where a list of activities can be created to engage you on a regular basis. When the time comes to do them such as natural Dermology skincare ritual along with others in the morning, just activate it before you begin and deactivate it after you're done. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Now, don't fall back even before you begin. Just keep in your mind that not all days are going to be the same in a week. Keep fighting!

2. Analyze your activities
Once you are done with tracking your weekly activities, get a pen & paper to sort all of them in a meaningful way. With the help of symbols mark the ones that are important to you and the ones which are a complete waste of time. This will allow you to gain an inner perspective on what matters, what doesn't and what you've been doing all along. Thus, it will act as the base to create the perfect routine for a fresh and a healthy day.

3. Create the perfect routine
To strive for perfection is definitely not the purpose of creating a perfect routine, but excellence is. So, let's get face to face with the fact that life is not perfect, then how can a routine be? Haven't we all been there where we supposedly tried to follow a perfect plan. How did that go after a couple of days? Not good, we suppose since here you are! Therefore, emphasis on the two essential components that can make any daily routine successful: flexibility and ritualization. Unlike self-discipline, they are difficult to introduce but are often easy to maintain.

However, while trying to create the perfect daily routine, it would not be right to say a single routine will suffice all. That's not quite possible since every person is different with different meaning attached to their activities. Then how will it be possible to create that perfect daily routine? With the help of a general rule. It makes a person fall into the four basic categories without which he or she just can't do without. Thus, providing an idea to create the routine required. Those categories include the biological needs, meaningful needs, rewards and happiness boosters.

  • Biological needs

Theses are those needs which just stick to your daily routine. Regardless of what you do in your life, you'll end up doing them every day. For example, sleeping, showering, brushing, eating, etc. Though, again it may vary from people to people. For a person who does not find his job meaningful and does it for the sake of it, for him or her it may become their need. We hope it's not the same for you.

  • Meaningful needs

Unlike biological needs, they are optional as per your preferences. All you will need to do is take a look at the sorted list made before and prioritize them accordingly. This way, if you are ever pushed for time you'll know exactly what you need to do first. Thus, adding long-term benefits to life. So, quickly create your ideal meaningful hierarchy. How about right now? We can wait.

  • Rewards

Most of the people are so focused on achieving their goals that they forget to take a little time out for themselves. In fact, nothing is wrong in doing so, but the real problem with creating those pastimes is how and when. One needs to work hard to achieve them as well because when you do they seem extremely pleasurable. For example, the unemployed do not feel the euphoria of getting a week off, unlike others who have worked hard. So, what rewards are you giving yourself?

  • Happiness boosters

These are those activities like going to a nightclub, watch a movie with friends, go to a restaurant, or just staying home and doing the thing you love brings sheer happiness to a person. These activities are not part of a daily routine but should be included in a weekly plan. Why? Because they have the ultimate power to increase happiness and productivity of a person, therefore should never be neglected. From now on do at least one thing you love the most every weekend & let the imagination run wild!

4. Put the perfect daily routine to play
Planning without putting all that's learned into action would certainly be a complete waste of time. So, now it's your time to get started and plan to set priorities as per your requirements. Just remember that biological needs are the most inflexible of all that will hold and unfold the rest of your routine. Therefore, be particular about the time you go to bed and wake up every day. Only then will be your daily routine more efficient and effective.

So, are you ready to take on this task? It will take time, a lot of perseverance along with patience to create a healthy lifestyle for the time to come. Good luck!

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