How To Craft A Religious Exemption for the Covid Vaccination

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Hi guys!  I haven't really written an article in 2 years.  I've been engrossed in the solar industry, had partners writing content for me, and then Facebook took down our 1 million plus follower Living off the Grid page.  4 Years ago they took down another page with over 30 million weekly page views called Amazing to See.  I expect I'll see Facebooks' Demise and removal from the internet in the next couple years for all of the harm their platform has done to those who made it great from the beginning. 

They shut down 11 major health and nutrition pages (65 million followers) as a kneejerk response to a 90% false article written by the Washington Post.  They suggest we posed a risk to vaccination should we decide not to endorse their movement.  Between us there are over 40 programmers.  Personally I've been wallowing in programmer land debating whether to send Facebook to the dark ages, to replace it with something fantastically better, or to sick the lawyers on them and cause them endless financial pain.   

Presently, I've needed, like many others to set my sights on some positive lights in the midst of all of this darkness.  Here in the last Land of the Free, Vaccine mandates are fast becoming the tyranny of segregation 2021.  My baby sis runs the largest medical lab in her Blue State, and my wife is a nurse in a Red State, so I get a lot of data from every direction.  Having my hands on hard data for over 22 states, I see the media spewing half truthes and lies in every direction, performing an agenda in synch with many media outlets.  

Today I saw a video post about a nurse, terrified her Hospital would let her go, mentioning they suggested that if she hadn't had previous vaccine exemptions for religion, that she wouldn't qualify for a present exemption for her religion.  I beg to differ.  This vaccine is different, and here's how we handled it for my sister:     

Religious Belief: I believe that the human body is made in the image of God. The Mrna technology used in the covid 19 vaccine may present changes in the DNA which appear to mimic features of the Biblical Mark of the Beast. My Body will remain as it is, in God's Image until such time we can determine that the vaccine has no impact on my dna, rna, or composition

Specific Conflict: There are two conflicts which arise from my current knowledge of the Vaccine. The presence of Graphene Oxide nanoparticles in some of the vaccine models are said to present the possibility that one could be "connected to the internet." Secondly the possibility of changing ones DNA or RNA. Both instances pose the possibility that a change could occur without my consent. It has been said that such a transformation within the body under current US law could render a human as falling within the specifications of a patent, much as Monsanto has a patent on GMO Wheat, therefore all wheat which naturally grows from their modified seed becomes the possession of Monsanto. As a Christian, I am the property and the creation of the One True God. I cannot accept the possibility that this vaccine could either change the composition of what was miraculously created, control or track this miraculous creation, or that a patented transformation in my body could render my "being" as belonging to a pharmaceutical company based on Patent Law. The Bible states that any person who partakes of such a mark should be "damned to hell for eternity."

Revelations 13:16 “It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads “

I hope some of you can make use of this, and feel free to make it your own!   Don't let them get you down.  Here's one church who is offering them at Sunday Services:  

Thanks for tuning in!    ~Dave W.  

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