The Greatest Discrimination in a Century Is Happening Now

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My Baby Sister isn't such a baby any more.  She's 40 years old, and and runs the largest medical lab in her state you could say.  Well not by job title.  She's a tech who handled all the covid that came through... splattered it on herself and was worried time and time again.  She put her family on quarantine every time another "incident" happened where she thought she would catch it.  The fear was real for a long long time.  She's that invaluable part of the lab, the one who refines protocalls to make practical, and makes sure the work gets done.  The doctors and nurses alike who want something run now and done right call on her by name.  

She's under some sort of media block within her contract when it comes to speaking for the company.  That's why I'm sharing her story.  Her brother is a blogger with tens of billions of views all over the world ... multiple blogs, large pages, and partnerships with large reaches.  My baby sister isn't black or latina, nor does she speak with an accent.  She's home grown white mountain girl American, and discrimination has come to her workplace.  It's time big brother open up a can of whoop-azz on the medi owners and operators, the tailspin which will send them out of business.  She has shared enough with me to lock up ownership and senior management for 100 years.  The malpractice, the mistaken doses, the wrong meds given... all of it recorded, photographed, videoed, and ready to pounce.  

So if you think this is your Hospital company, you might be right.   They have mandated the vaccine on all of their employees.  This is the vaccine that was made for the Alpha Variant... that one that Delta bypasses every time.  The same vaccine that causes variants to continue emerging, and reduces natural immunity to them.  But this story isn't about the vaccine.  It's about those who have filed for medical exemptions. 

One of the nurses penned a nice little exemption.  40 or so other workers copied and pasted her script to their own.  Lo and behold, the same exemption letter, management picked and chose who of those they would keep, and who they would let go.  100% bonafied proven discrimination.  Some got to stay unvaccinated and working, and others get the jab or they're gone.  Same letter, different day, different result... just like the fake vaccines...inconsistent standards, and perfect grounds to sue the company broke.  

Broke isn't really what we want.  We want my sister to have her job, same as the hero she has been all along.  Take it away, and we really wouldn't mind a ten million dollar settlement, but I think it just as good for the welfare of all those who were discriminated against that this company take a fall, and shut it down.  We can just go back to the days of home visiting doctors and nurses.  We can let go of the medical malpractice with the loss of hospitals.  People are better off at home when Hospitals are responsible for 80% of all deaths.  Who wants to be there when their families cant be with them.  Just like planes where you can't take baggage, hospitals where you can't take family are come and gone, and its time to end them all.  

Big brother here... with the list, the videos, the audio.... sending ... sending... sending  press release to American Media, Russian Media, Austrailian Media, Canadian Media, South and Central America, Asia, Africa....   Sent.

PS... sis is a data nut... she won't vax because she knows the statistics... she looks in the microscopes, she recognizes anomalies and sees the real problems.  If the lead lab lady at the biggest lab is holding out and not gonna vax.... why should any of us? 

PSS... I hope I didn't mess up her chance of keeping her job lol... ahh well... I've got a better one for her.

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