The Day A Pallet Becomes A Pen

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 And spun on a lathe... meticulously smooth


And this is something that you can try too!  You can make fifty or more pens from a pallet. 



Christopher has made this available to all of us as an example of how to, and for those who are interested, you should set up a lathe and buy the pen kits, and make some for yourself, your friends and your family.  But if you don't want to invest in shop equipment, space, and time to make them, and the $12 pen kits, you are more than welcome to order one from him.  I have asked him to make a few available to my audience for those that might be interested.  Considering that he already has a full time job and a second full time job, it was a big deal for him to accomodate.

The exceptional news is that Christopher is an engraver as his second trade, so in addition to making them available to us, he will also hand engrave each pen ordered.... to script one word or initials to personalize!  Each pen is made to order, and could take half a day to put together, so order quickly if you want them for Christmas!

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