Moccasin Making - An Art Almost Forgotten... but not quite...

Categories: Handmade

A WILD Series Workshop in Earth-Based Crafts and Skill

Beautiful footwear made sustainably from natural materials has been worn by human beings for thousands of years. In this class students will create a pattern customized to their own feet, and learn to craft a pair of short moccasins using genuine brain-tanned buckskin and vegetable tanned leather. This will be a 2 piece style moccasin, with a harder sole for longer wear. The foundations of this pattern can later be applied for making many other styles of moccasins, including boots of all lengths.

All materials and tools will be provided. The art of making real buckskin is an ancient and labor intensive craft that requires dedication, skill and strength.

All of the buckskins for this course are lovingly tanned by instructor Natalie Bartlett, using natural materials from the land. In addition to diving into this hands-on shoe-making, students will be introduced to the history, beauty and subtlety of working with traditional leather.

No previous experience with leather-working is required, but a focus for craft and patience with your hands is encouraged.

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