Watch His Art Take Shape.... 3D Paintings With Dry Wall Mud

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This is Joe Kopler.  

Joe discovered his talent one day while repairing his home. His style is referred to as sculptured painting.  Instead of paint he uses plaster and instead of a canvas he used plywood. 

The texture of his work brings the art to life before your eyes.

His art has been displayed all around his hometown of Torrington, CT in government buildings and schools, in restaurants and even one was sent to actor/director Clint Eastwood. He is no small town artist though!  His paintings have literally traveled the world.

Here is how his amazing pieces of art is made:

Step 1:

Determine what your painting will be.  Then lay a foundation of Durabond (joint compound) to the piece of wood.  After it dries, using a grid method, pencil out your picture onto the board. 

Step 2:

For this specific painting, he did the bass drum first.  Then put some material in a baggie and squirted the faces and while it was still wet sculpted the details.

Step 3:

You can continue to work on the painting, making sure to let each section dry before you touch it.  If you work on opposite side of the board, you can keep going.

Step 4:

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