How To Make A Cute Little Burlap Christmas Tree

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BurlapTrees.jpg DIY Burlap Christmas Trees

These little burlap Christmas trees are easy and fun to make, not to mention pretty inexpensive, especially if you already have a few items on hand. I talk a lot about shopping at Hobby Lobby. First of all, I love the fact that I live less than a mile from a Hobby Lobby. Second of all, I love that it is a Christian based company. Third of all, I love that they have 50% off sales weekly. Finally, I love that if the item you are buying is not already 50% off, you can simply go online and get a 40% off coupon any day of any week! And no, I do not make a dime from saying these things about Hobby Lobby!

With that in mind I bought 3, 15 foot spools of burlap ribbon at 1/2 price each, for a total of about $10 to make all three trees. I also bought some spray glitter for one tree for about $4. I already had all my other items on hand: hot glue and poster board to make paper cones.

I used three different widths of burlap just for experimentation purposes.

burlap DIY Burlap Christmas Trees
burlap ribbon DIY Burlap Christmas Trees

Personally, I think my favorite is the more narrow width. It was a little easier to work with and it turns out to have a tidier appearance.

Very simply, make various sizes of paper cones from poster board. I am no expert at making paper cones, I simply watched a You Tube video on how to do this. Check it out… Make a Paper Cone.

cone DIY Burlap Christmas Trees

Measure how much burlap you will need to wrap around the based of the cone. Fold the burlap in half and glue the top of the fold together.

photo 1 DIY Burlap Christmas Trees 

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