18 Elegant And Inventive Handmade Wine Holders

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Handmade Wine Rack, How To from Francisco Aliwalas on Vimeo.

Are there any wine lovers amongst our fans out there?
Today, we have produced a collection of 18 sophisticated and inventive handmade wine holders just for you who adore drinking and maintaining collections of wine in your home.
The wine racks, or holders, featured in this collection are all handmade, and most of them have been created employing old or recycled materials such as old pallets, barrels, horse shoes, steel pipes and what not.
If you have got some abilities as a woodworker, or a handyman, then it won’t be any difficulty for you to take some of your spare time and use it on producing a good wine rack which you can use as a surprise or a present for somebody you enjoy. But of course, if you are not skilled in DIY stuff, don’t be concerned, you can nevertheless surprise somebody with a excellent present by ordering it on-line.

Upcycled wine rack


Basically Rustic 6 Bottle Wall Mount Wine Rack with 4 Glass Slot Holder


Modern day Standing Wine Rack


Falling Water Wine Rack


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