Using Laundry Water To Grow Your Garden

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If you're considering installing a greywater system, the "laundry to landscape" system is a great one to start with. This system is low cost, easy to install, and very low maintenance. Many states don't even require a permit for it.


When you wash your clothes, do you know where that water goes?  Rather than letting this abundant resource go “down the drain” you can tap into it to sustainably irrigate your fruit trees and other landscape plants, getting your clothes and your conscience clean at the same time!  It is simple to use the washing machine to irrigate fruit trees and more with this cheap, easy, and permit-free legal method of greywater reuse. Watch the video bellos and you will be so inspired, that you would want to be able to design and install your own laundry to landscape greywater system with confidence. Cut down your water bill and grow an ecological and food producing garden. Things you want to consider are:

  • Greywater design for laundry systems
  • Mulch basin and soil perk
  • Greywater compatible soaps and detergents
  • Greywater specific parts and tools
  • Fruit and nut trees for greywater

This video was produced by members of The Growing Club. The Growing Club is a non-profit community group dedicated to helping people grow food at home and develop urban farms.


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