Plastic: We Can't Get Away From It

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As one of the founder of GreenPeace, Captain Paul Watson carries on the torch of trying to convey reason in a world of waste, devastation and insanity. On his Facebook page the other day he posted this rant regarding something he saw at the grocery store.

"I took this picture yesterday at the super market. Lemons and Orange are already naturally wrapped. Why does anyone need to wrap each fruit in plastic? There is an estimated 700 million tons of plastic in the Ocean now and more is added everyday. Plastic is killing life in the sea.

I took some vegetables to be weighed and priced but they refused to weight the vegetables unless I put them in a plastic bag. It is so difficult to not buy plastic. I went to the water section and there was not one bottle of water available in glass. Six packs of Perrier in cans was all that was available and each can was connected by plastic."

"Plastic is a greater threat to sea-life than oil spills. Oil degrades in sunlight and with bacteria. Plastic does not. In the 1980's when I wrote about plastic pollution people thought I was being ridiculous. Now at last these concerns are being taken seriously.

Plastic needs to be eliminated from our lives. The world got along without plastic before the Fifties. Food should be sold in glass containers and with recycled paper. I have three cloth shopping bags that I take to the store but it is always a dilemma."

by Captain Paul Watson / via Facebook

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