Saving Seeds is a Revolutionary act: Start Now!

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When Dr. Vandana Shiva asked us a few months ago to create a video on Seed Saving for her, we had to say yes, and now we have it finally completed. As Dr. Shiva says, seed in all its diversity and beauty, is our common heritage. Seed can not be copyrighted, patented, or owned, and we have a responsibility as citizens, humans,and Earth beings to make sure that seed remains free and available to all people. Part of this responsibility is to actually grow and save seeds at home, which is what we show you how to do in this video. Saving seeds from diverse, organically grown plants and maintaining our seed heritage is a revolutionary act in today’s world of commodified, uniform, chemically-bred seed. The other part of this responsibility is to refuse to follow laws which attempt to limit our right to save and sow seed. Dr. Shiva has called on all of us to protect our Seed Freedom by performing mass civil disobedience against the California Seed Law (AB 2470), which makes the sharing and trading of seed illegal. Break the Law. Save Seed. Learn how through this video. Follow Dr. Shiva’s call for Seed Freedom. 

Seed saving is one of the important skills that has been lost of the last century, and Dr. Shiva's work to preserve heirloom seed varieties, encourage organic farming, and create food sovereignty is some of the most important work of our time.

We hope you enjoy this video and will start saving seeds at home yourself.

This video was produced by members of The Growing Club. The Growing Club is a non-profit community group dedicated to helping people grow food at home and develop urban farms. Support our work and become part of the club at

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