Sao Miguel Island: A Place That Was Famous Because Of It's Fertile Soil

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Also known as the Green Island, São Miguel is the longest and most popular one in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores. It was discovered in mid 14th century by Gonçalo Velho Cabral a Portuguese colonizer. The island received the name of São Miguel, who was a beautiful and loyal angel according to the Bible scriptures known as Archangel Michael.



This incredible island quickly captivated the Portuguese people who were in love with their natural architecture that’s why this natural paradise quickly began to be populated not only because of its beautiful lakes, sandy beaches, rolling hills, high mountains, green plains and blue ocean but for its fertile land.



São Miguel’s diverse scenery is a pleasant awakening to visitors; the natural architecture of the island is composed of two volcanic massifs separated by a central ridge. In the hilly part of the island there’s a large variety of volcanic crater lakes, within which are many hot spring births.


Today it's beauty and it's trails are spectacular beyond belief


S. Miguel is also known for its award winning “Terra Nostra Park you can find many wonderful golf courses, lakes, beaches, majestic scenery, century-old architecture and most of all, its people....

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