Plug and Plant Vertical Plants, As Easy as 1,2,3 (Video)

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Add some green to your life with Plug & Plant, a smart vertical garden. This indoor, natural ecosystem is affordable, looks great, increases productivity, and reduces stress all while purifying the air around it.

Creative designers, architects and engineers of VERTICALGREEN spearheaded by founder and CEO, Fernando Ortiz Monasterio, created Plug & Plant. Their invention allows you to create living walls in any shape or size in any room in the house or office. From arugula to petunias, you can maintain up to 36 available plant species. Grow herbs in the kitchen for easy access while you cook, create floral arrangements in the living room or reduce air toxins at the office.

This wall-mounted system of pods neatly organizes the indoor plants and each one is equipped with Bluetooth room, humidity and light sensors. This technology gathers data from the environment and offers tips for optimum plant growth. A Smart Water Tank also uses the collected information to vary the watering regimen as needed for up to 30 days. Now you can go away on vacation without coming home to dried out, dying plants!

Plug & Plant also sends notifications to your phone when water runs low— a feature helpful for those who sometimes forget to water or don’t know which plant species requires what amount of water.

For those of you thinking of getting healthier for the new year, owning a Plug & Plant offers some impressive health benefits. Having plants in your everyday atmosphere improves your concentration, memory and productivity. In fact, being around plants can increase your memory retention up to 20 per cent! Plants also decrease stress and remove indoor pollutants.

With no soil, no mess and made of 100 per cent biodegradable Smart-Biofoam, this vertical garden allows the roots of plants to grow in any direction and develop like they would in soil. The Smart-Biofoam has a similar density to soil and provides the exact balance between water and oxygen that every plant needs while maintaining the root’s microclimate. Without the mess of soil, you can integrate the benefits of nature in to your daily life in a clean, easy and practical way.

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