Planes Can Plant 900,000 Trees A Day With Seed Bombs

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Can Nature win the war on climate change? Maybe with a little help from humanity.  Old military planes are now being reconditioned and refitted with new mechanics. Using these planes, we can drop tree bombs instead of landmines.

Most major ecosystems are in danger of over-logging and with each acre we loose…  the world looses more of our precious oxygen makers and plant medicine.  We all realize the value of wood, but the over use of our culture is unable to keep up with the practice of hand-planting one tree for each one cut down.

The Intelligence Of Tree Bombing

Using old military planes, we can plant a billion trees a year. These planes will bring “Tree Bombs” to reforest areas that have been devastated by commercial clear cutting; even reforesting remote areas...even deserts.

The program uses some of that fastest growing trees in the world, which grow over 10 feet per year. These trees can fully counter the negative effects of de-forestation within a few years.

The Technology…

According to an article by the Guardian and followed-up by Treehugger Inhabitat, and Themindunleashed:

“A fleet of unused and decommissioned C-130 Hercules cargo planes, originally created to drop land mines, could be recommissioned as foresters. Lockheed Martin — the quintessential military innovation company — and Aerial Forestation Inc, of Newton took an old rusty idea from former UK RAF pilot Jack Walters and turned it into a reality. The planes will be outfitted to each drop up to 900,000 trees in one day and with 2,500 C-130’s sitting unused in 70 different countries, this idea could make for a lot of little saplings.”

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