Building A Cob Oven Start To Finish At Quail Springs

Categories: Permaculture

 cob oven 1.jpg

Sasha, the workshop instructor demonstrates setting the level for the bricks that will form the oven floor and hearth at the opening.

cob oven 2.jpg

A layer of firebricks forms the floor of the oven. Here we fit them tight together on a bed of sand, trying to leave no cracks or crevices for ash to accumulate.  The fire will be built directly on this surface in the completed oven.

cob oven 3.jpg

With a circle for the oven interior traced onto the bricks, we begin to layer the cob mixture (in the bowl) onto the foundation, around the bricks.

cob oven 4.jpg

A mound of sand forms the shape that will be the interior of the oven.  The sand mold will be removed through the oven door once the cob and plaster have dried.

cob oven 5.jpg

Smoothing the sand mold with trowels to ensure a symmetrical and smooth interior to the curved oven walls.


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