Organic Farm, Earthen Housing, And Permaculture Educators In Romania: Come Volunteer!

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wwoof:  World Wide Opportunities on Organic and traditional Farms Description of land and geographic region: The farm is located in Ulmoasa, a remote neighborhood of Tautii Magheraus in Romania (19km far from Baia Mare). It used to be called a village, and it hasn’t changed much, although they now call it “neighborhood”. The villagers, as we call them, have cob houses, they raise animals, help each other with different works, everybody knows everybody and there is no traffic through. Ulmoasa is a very beautiful place with mountain and hill areas, scattered houses, there is no signal for mobile phones (people shout from one place to another), the water comes from a natural spring and there are cliffs and moss. Wild animals: hedgehogs, bears, deer, lynx, crabs, squirrels, polecats, foxes, wild boars, mockingbirds and birds of prey.  

How to get there: For wwoofers arriving by plane, the closest international airport is in Cluj Napoca. From there you need to get to Baia Mare, a small town in the north of  Romania. And from there you take the road to Tautii Magherausi and after you pass the sign "aeroport(airport)" soon there will be a bridge to the right and a sign saying "Baita". You take the road to Baita and go till the end of that village. Then you’ll see a brigde, big fir trees and a sign saying "Ulmoasa". You have to go to the end of the concrete road and after the "Camin Cultural" there will be a steep curved road to the left, opposite a small bridge, and that road goes up to our farm. There are two buses leaving from Baia Mare to Ulmoasa: Monday to Friday (except when  there are school holidays): the first is at 06:10 which arrives at our village at 06:50, and the 2nd one is at 14:20, arriving at 15:00.   Description of farm: There is a summer kitchen, a traditional barn-shed-animal shelter, three superadobe domes raised above the attic level, plus a cellar made with superadobe, soil, rocks and wood. 

What is grown/cultivated on the farm: We apply permaculture principles and are currently working at designing and developing the food systems. We have apple and plum tree orchards witch are partially turned into palinca (famous romanian spirits), pears, apricots, chestnuts, walnuts, berries, medicinal plants, all kinds of vegetables grown in our new hugel beds (hugelkultur), and chickens. Wild mushrooms also grow vigorously throughout the woodlands. 

Description of family (if applies): This project has been cooked up by Adi, a 29 years old designer, his brother Luci, a 26 years old hairstylist, and Roxi, Adi’s wife, who works as a translator. Valentin (the father) comes to give us a hand every once in a while. Friends and permaculture students also visit us for a couple of days from time to time. For the past 3 years we’ve been studying permaculture, permaculture design, botanics, no till gardening, eco building, super-efficient rocket stoves and mass heaters, traditional agriculture and organic farming systems. We like to keep up-to-date with anything new in these fields. Size of farm (approximately): 1ha.
Months when we accept volunteers: June to October
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