Lindsey's First Try With Seeds, And The Sunflowers That Followed

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"My Sunny flowers just started blooming!  Grew these from a seed!   It was my first time growing something from seed.

When the seedlings first sprouted I was like a little kid saying, "wow! it really works!" haha"  ~Lindsey

We have all watched things grow on TV, or in a field, or at our neighbors house, or watched the potatoes sprout in the cupboard, but how many of us have never actually stuck a seed in the ground and given it water?  I would guess that to be a high number in today's world.  Farmville doesn't count.  

Call this the seed challenge.  If you have never grown a seed from scratch, I challenge you to do so.  Take pictures and video clips, and tell all about it.  Then upload your story to  I'll share the stories, and the one with the most views by the end of July can earn $50.  So there you go  $50 bucks for the person who tells the best tale about their seed start.  

No seeds you say?  Try the pack available from the Seed Guy on Amazon.  That's who I use.  Good luck all!

~Dave W.

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