Kabloom Seedbom is a Grenade that Makes Flowers, Not War

Categories: Green

Looking for a green gift that will really blow the recipient away? These Kabloom Seedboms are just the thing. Made up of an explosive mix of organic compost and flower seeds packed in a recycled paper shell, these “grenades” do more growing than blowing up. All you have to do is chuck one into any soil-filled patch of land, and then check back over the next few weeks as it fills with fragrant flora.

The world is full of places that are unfortunately a little rundown, tired and unloved. Seedboms give you the power to brighten up these places with flowers allowing you to make a responsible impact and a difference however small it may be.

Seedboms are made from locally reclaimed and recycled materials such as post consumer paper collected from local businesses. They also contain organic compost, coir (cocoa pea – a peat substitute biproduct from coconut harvests) and flower seeds.

We use a variety of seeds in our range. These include locally sourced wildflower seeds such as Cornflower, Corn Poppy, Forget-Me-Not, Wildflower Nectar Mix for Bees, Wild Thyme and Wild Basil. We also use easy to grow flower seeds such as Nasturtiums and Dwarf Sunflowers.

Seedboms are designed to be used from around April till June however depending on the variety you can use grow them as early as March and as late as October (flower the following year) is some cases.

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