In Search Of Balance: A New Documentary That Explores The Interconnections Between Man, Food, Biome

Categories: Green

In Search of Balance is a new documentary that explores a new paradigm of health, science and medicine, recognizing the importance of the interconnections between us, the food we eat, how that food is produced and the natural world at large, including all the mysteries, and invisible worlds of the human micro-biomes.

"At a genetic level, humans are literally connected to the rest of the natural world through our DNA. But today’s highly processed foods, pesticide based monoculture farming methods, increasing urbanization, obsession with technology and destruction of the natural environment distance us further and further from the world we coevolved with. We are out of balance with nature and the reductionist philosophy of modern western medicine, once immensely powerful, seems inadequate to answer today’s challenges.

The explosive growth of technology is driving profound changes in every aspect of human civilization. The benefits" ... read more


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