Hydraulic Forage Silage For Silo Bags (Video)

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If you are a small farmer or a homesteader, look at this hydraulic forage silage it just might be a great solution for storing your feed. We all know that when we store our feed poorly, we could face a problem in the middle of winter when we are feeding our animals and the forage has gone bad. What can you do? The fields are covered in snow and your heard needs to be fed.

We found this video on Facebook, looks like the machine is produced south of the border, and on their page, it mentions that it compacts between 15-20 bags per hour. It functions independently on a 12 volt battery, prices range from US$2500 for the 1500 pound one to US$3200 from the 2500 pound machine. Each bag full will weigh around 88 pounds. 

It resembles the trash compactors some of us have at home in our kitchen. We know how space efficient a compactor can be, this might be a great solution for eliminating a lot of hard work.

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