How To Get Rid Of Flies & Mosquitoes Organically

Categories: Green

Take back your yard organically from those nasty flies and mosquitoes! During the Summer months flies and mosquitoes are in full bloom, more so if you have a garden, a pond or are raising farm animals; which seem to be a magnet for these little pests. 

Vampire movies are popular, but most people don’t want their blood sucked by mosquitoes. They don’t want flies biting them, either, or landing on platters of food. Get rid of those pesky insects, without spraying clouds of toxic chemicals all over your yard. INTERRUPTING THE LIFE CYCLE OF THE MOSQUITO: In the warm water of summer, a mosquito can run through its life cycle in one week. So go dump any standing water (home to mosquito eggs, larvae and pupas) right now. We’ll wait. Back? Great.…

The following video was produced by Peaceful Valley Farm, it shows different ways and methods to get rid of them.