How To Compost And Make Your Own Humanure.

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You read that right, Rob Greenfield composts his own poop.  Rob lives off the grid in a little house in San Diego and composts his own waste.  You might have some questions like:

Is this safe?

Is this stinky?

Haven’t we evolved past having to deal with our own poop?

Although most of the world's humanure is quickly flushed down a drain, or discarded into the environment as a pollutant, it could instead be converted, through composting, into lush vegetative growth, and used to feed humanity.

The humanure process involves a compost toilet, a compost bin and cover material. Toilet instructions are simple. There are a variety of ways to make a humanure toilet (or you canbuy one). Everyone wonders about "emptying the toilet receptacle." How horrible can that be?

Let this video do the explaining:

The segments on waste water treatment came from this video. Watch it to learn what happens when you flush a toilet:

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