How Not To Suck At Your First Homestead Garden

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Do you have spring fever? Is your green thumb throbbing to start your vegetable garden? Join us as we plant the first seeds in our off grid garden. Rookies and experts alike will find our no nonsense advice on how to not suck at starting a garden humorous and refreshing. 

We share the 5 simple steps to getting veggies to stuff in your favorite soups, your canner or right in your face. It's up to you!

With some seeds laying around and some fresh compost / top soil we're ready to get planting. Raised beds fit our needs well and were easy to make using some materials from our local landscape supply and around the property. We even found some random hay on the side of the road which is helping us reduce evaporation!

Alyssa shares her simple planting steps and a couple ideas on keeping your garden low maintenance.

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