Guilt-Free plantable pencil made out of recycled coffee, tea and flower petals

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What do you do with the green waste of coffee grinds, tea leaves, and waste pedals from the local florist? You make a plantable pencil, that’s what! Ok, I know this seems a little far-fetched, but Mateja Kuhar, and the team behind the Fabula organic pencil claim their product is made from these common waste streams. As an added bonus, these pencils can be planted when they are too short and have been worn down to the nub. There is even a seed inside.


Fabula is an eco-friendly pencil created from recycled organic waste. Each one is created using tea-leaves and coffee grounds from cafes, together with petals discarded by florists. The materials are then processed to create the pencil’s sturdy body with its delicate grainy surface and slightly bigger volume that fits perfectly into the hand when writing. When it gets too short to use, the Fabula stub can be activated in water to plant a young goji berry plant, forest strawberry or tea plant. The new plant grows from a seed incorporated in the very top of the pencil. Get your own and support the project at Indiegogo.

via Inhabitat

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