One Man's Answer To His Country's Severe Water Shortage

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Decades of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict have resulted in a sever water shortage in the Gaza region.  Close to 90 percent of the water in the region is unable to be consumed.

Source: Al Jazeera

Fayez al-Hindi has taken it upon himself to create a distillation method that takes undrinkable water into healthy fresh H2O to help save his country!  Residents are literally at risk of running out of water in a mere couple months.

Fayez' system produces 2.6 gallons of water daily, which produces just enough for his families basic drinking and cooking needs.  Many people were concerned if the process was producing safe water, but after an extensive test from the Coastal Municipalities Water Utility, the process is working!  In fact, they applauded his treatment method.

Fayez is now helping others build their own distillation system so they can have access to safe drinking water. 

Source: Al Jazeera

It will be years or maybe even decades before the region's infrastructure is repaired, so homemade water purification systems like this one may be essential to survival for thousands of people in Gaza.

Source: inhabitat

Source: AJ+

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