Use Floating Ecosystems to Clean Waterways...Check These Out

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It transforms degraded waterways with hard steel or concrete edges, into vibrant living riverbanks to achieve an attractive waterscape aesthetic, improved water quality, biodiversity and habitat benefits.

The system is ideally suited for waterfront restoration projects. Marine engineering materials allow attractive planted habitats to be successfully established in tough locations with steep vertical edges, poor water quality, floating debris, variable fast currents, and changing water levels. Floating on the water surface, storm waters are allowed to flow freely underneath, and shaded waters beneath provide ideal habitat for fish and beneficial zooplankton.


• Rivers, canals, marinas, reservoirs and lakes

• Concrete, Gabion, or Steel Sheet Pile walls

• Water Framework Directive (WFD) restoration projects

• Storm water treatment

• Temperate or Tropical climates

• Suitable for permanent, phased or temporary installations

Biomatrix Water use nature's systems to create floating ecosystems that clean up waterways and create biodiverse and vibrant river environments.

Biomatrix Water create floating ecosystems used to clean water and create biodiverse waterscapes.

They have implemented these systems across the globe, from Thailand, to Spain, Finland and the UK.

The floating systems are specifically designed to improve water quality by harnessing nature's power. They create a long-term sustainable solution to water management, without the use of chemicals.

Their latest project has dramatically improved the water in the River Lea in collaboration with the waterway charity, Thames 21. The floating ecosystem has been installed onto the sheet-pile edges of the River Lea at Tottenham Lock.

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