Preparing To Plant A Fall Garden

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More and more Backyard Gardens are popping up around the country, as Families are starting to hedge against the high price of produce, and also the prevalence of GMO foods. In order to preserve the most amount of food from your garden to carry into the winter months, you will need to start planning a Fall garden now.

To have a productive Fall garden (depending on your region), your vegetables need to be sowed or planted by late July into the first week in August.

Fall vegetable gardens are a great opportunity to grow those cool-weather crops that you couldn't enjoy in the spring. You can also plant more of the spring crops that you enjoyed but didn't get quite enough of.


Pak/Bak Choi

Brussels Sprouts

ROOT VEGETABLES: (will keep for months in a crisper or cellar)
Potatoes (In some regions)

green beans
winter squash

As you can see, quite a bit of food can be grown late in the season. One thing to note is that it’s during this season that harvested greens, root vegetables and brassica's taste their best.

1) STARTING SEEDS INDOORS. (THE SEED GUY has a great Heirloom Seed package listed below) Count back 12-14 weeks from your Average First Fall Frost Date. All of your brassicas, and kale need to be started indoors where the temperature is cooler. When your seedlings are about 3 weeks along, transfer them outdoors, preferably on a cloudy day.

2) ADD SOME NUTRIENTS TO YOUR SOIL. You’re probably going to plant where a previous vegetable had already been growing. It’s a good idea to add a bit of compost or worm castings to give your Fall crops optimal growing conditions.

3) MULCH. Since the days are still going to be hot, make sure to add some organic mulch to your Fall crops such as grass clippings or straw to keep moisture in the ground.

4) WATER. Make sure to keep your seedlings moist especially if your trying to germinate seeds directly sown into your garden. One tip, soak your seeds and leave them in the refrigerator overnight. The next day sow them in your garden. This will speed up germination.

5) PEST PREVENTION. One of the most difficult aspects of starting seeds and putting out new plants during the summer are bugs. You can use floating row covers, especially on your brassicas, to inhibit cabbage worms.

12 to 14 Weeks Before Your Final Frost

Direct-sow beans, parsnips, rutabagas, winter squash, and begin planting lettuce and radishes.
Start brassica seedlings and kale indoors, and set out the seedlings within 3 weeks.

10 to 12 Weeks Before Your Final Frost Set out brassicas and kale.
Direct-sow beets, carrots, collards, leeks and scallions, along with more lettuce and radishes. In some areas, fast-maturing peas and potatoes will do well in the fall garden.

8 to 10 Weeks Before Your Final Frost

Direct-sow arugula, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, turnips, spinach, mustard, pak choi and other Asian greens.
Sow more lettuce and radishes, including daikons.

6 to 8 Weeks Before Final Frost

Make a final sowing of spinach.
Make a final sowing of lettuce beneath protective tunnel or frame.

Take it one step at a time. If your a newbie gardener, try one green and root vegetable for your Fall garden. If you’re ready to step up your game, add a few varieties and keep track of what produces well and what your able to preserve.

Story by The Seed Guy

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