Edible Spoons Might Solve The Plastic Cutlery Pollution Problem

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Now USE it and EAT it…edible spoons

Goodness implies great responsibility. -J.Krishnamurti

Welcome to the world of edible cutlery

Did you ever think you can eat up your spoons too???
Well friends, it is now a reality. We make these to provide an effective alternative to plastic disposable cutlery. 

But why Edible Cutlery? 
As you are aware plastic contains chemical complexes, several of which are neuro toxic and carcinogenic. These leach into food. In fact, even the so called food grade cutlery is that, where this leaching is within permissible levels of 60 Parts Per Million (PPM). When you know that the substances that leach can cause cancer and impact your nervous system, why should you allow even one part per million!!! 

Beware next time you consume food served in or stored in plastic bags/ containers/ pouches/ cheap thin bags.  

A healthy, nutritious and eco friendly alternative 

This is why we made these edible and safe products. Our cutlery is made of flours ofjowar (sorghum) blended with rice and wheat. They contain NO chemicals/preservatives/fat/plasticizes, emulsifiers, artificial colour or milk products. In fact they contain nothing that is not a plant product (except salt, which we add for taste).

It is 100% natural, biodegradable/ vegetarian and Vegan.

They can also be made gluten free and with many other grains that are easily available in other countries. None of them will need preservatives or emulsifiers or fat at all. They are simply baked in high temperatures. 

And it has variety of tastes too? 
Yes. You heard it right. Our spoons come with tastes too – Plain, sweet and savoury. Can you imagine you are looking at 180 degree diametrically opposite product to plastic cutlery! Our products come with nutrition and disintegrate in less than 3 days, if you throw them on moist soil or pour water on it. 
While plastic ones can be brought back to market with a wash, ours is a single time use product. So, with our products, you can be sure that you are the first to be putting into your mouth….. not like those plastic ones which might have already been put in someone else’s mouth!  

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